New Year 2014 has started – an end to my school holidays is approaching too quickly…

The festive season has passed. I had almost 3 weeks of school holidays ( with some added days off) which I spent in Poland with my friends and family, in London and then the last 2 weeks back home in Malta. It was the first time for 2 or 3 years since I have been to Poland in winter but this year the weather surprised me. It was actually not snowing, a bit cold but nothing like wintery Poland I remember .
It was good to catch up with my friends- some of them came for Christmas as far as Portugal and it was great to see them. That is one of the downside of living abroad- you miss the people the most. Not the country, the language…That you can have by skyping, reading, checking Internet . But real human contact with people who know you well and accept you the way your are, that you do not have to pretend or prove yourself in front of them…It is priceless. The same goes with the family although I have to admit that I am up to date with them as I  speak with my Mum everyday. I know it can seem…hmmm..weird…But that’s the way it is and I cannot imagine a day without checking out what’s going on back home….
Anyway, I spent holidays in Malta in a rather lazy way. Cooking, reading, watching movies and just getting ready for the new challenges the year 2014 will bring. Up to Christmas I was really busy working and playing piano and it also affected my blog. 4 posts in November and then December is not good but believe me I didn’t have power and time to write anything engaging. I hope to fix this and find more time to write.
In new year everyone has some resolutions and promises…Mine are not different that others I guess- eat more healthy, exercise, drink less wine, practice the piano more, work on new languages I started recently and most importantly be happy and love etc…I will see to which ones I will stick the most.
I also set a piano goal for myself as it seems it is really difficult to motivate yourself to practice your own repertoire if you do not have a time frame. I practice the stuff needed for the lessons I accompany at or occasional concerts I play at but making sure that I finish/learn my own solo pieces is more trickier. So by the end of January I need to finish 3 pieces . I am sort of toying with an idea from this piano blog but I  am afraid it would put me under the pressure and with the amount of everyday work I have I may not be able to cope although I feel a bit inspired about it and will try to get something out of it. Maybe some recording will appear hear at some point, who knows.
That would be it for today, I am ready to enjoy my last day off and from tomorrow I am back to school to accompany singers and dancers and teach piano not too mention my morning office job in igaming:)


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