Finally on holidays in Spain 

Today I played our  2nd concert with Amadeus choir –  the reason why I’m in Madrid in the first place. Both concerts went pretty well with some minor slips. Yesterday we performed to the crowd as big as our choir but today in the Crypt of Almudena Cathedral we had a really good audience. The mass and the concert lasted more than an hour and a half and with a demanding repertoire, to say the least. For the pianist it is never really easy to play orchestral transcriptions as one has to choose what’s really important in the score and sometimes the tempi for string parts of orchestra are not so fast- for them,  but to perform it in similar tempo on the piano it’s a challenge as pieces are clearly not written for piano in mind. Anyway, back to the concert, I was really tired when I finished and I was happy to retire in our hostel. And now I can officially say, I’m on holidays! No work whatsoever for the next  14 days!  Sorry for the exclamation marks but this year I have not had such a long holidays so far.  A day or two off maybe but not such a long stretch so far so for me it’s a reason to celebrate. 

But back to Madrid. Yesterday  I visited another art museum, the most famous one in Spain I guess –  the Prado museum. I booked online which costs 1.50 extra but you skip the line.  One  mistake I made was not to queue for the temporary exhibition of El Bosco. On my  limited knowledge of Spanish – even though  I’m really getting better here in no time, I haven’t registered that El Bosco stands for Bosh so I missed that exhibition completely… What a shame, especially that I actually really like Bosh.  I even wrote some thesis on this subject when I was in high school…oh well… I planned to check out particular paintings in order not to get overwhelmed and it worked really well .  After 2 hours I was happy and ready to walk away from the museum and I walked around Chueca and  Malasana. I had a delicious lunch of fish tapas in one of the markets. And now when I’m writing this I’m in one of the bars in La Latina district where they’re making the best strawberry mojito ever 😉  Yes, you’re right I’m rea enjoying it. Tomorrow we’re going to Salamanca for the whole day. Yay! It’s the mojito talking I guess 😉 

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