Food and drinks in Granada

Like I explained in the last post, Granada is a mekka for tapas lovers. You get a portion of food with each drink you order for free and each time it is something different. One of the long running establishments specialising in seafood is Los Diamantes. It is a crazy palce almost always full where you can get the best seafood in Granada. When we went there for lunch, we barely got a standing palce in the corner and then it took us a while to figure out what to do;)You order your drink and then magically the food appears in front of you. Every time, it is a different type of seafood. We tried mixed fried seafood, cockles, prawns, paella, just to name the few…

In some other bar on Calle Navas- the popular tapas street, when we actually ordered some seafood the portions where enormous. One of our favourite dish here- prawns pil pil ( in a spicy sauce) contained more than 20 prawns…

Also, we tried some of the local artisan beers produced in Granada.

Of course, a visit to a Spanish town wouldn’t be full without trying churros with chocolate. This time, big ones…

2016-07-24 11g

Last but not least, we also visited one of the tea rooms-teteria where we tried some teas along with strawberry shisha.

2016-07-24 15n

One other thought regarding food, here you can find a really big variety of tomatoes available, something I haven’t seen to this extent in Malta, with black tomatoes being a specialty.

2016-07-23 14u



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