Spain again – first day in Madrid 

So I’m travelling again and again to Spain. I spent whole August in Malta as I had some visitors  from Poland. Firstly, one of my best friends came over for the 4th time. She now knows Malta inside out and then my father visited me afterwards. So we did all the touristy things and going out almost every day or night which not only make me a bit of tired and broke but also I put on weight a bit what I lost during my juicy diet. Oh well, when the scholastic year starts, I’ll be back on it.  Now I intend to enjoy tapas and canas for the next 2 weeks and with the amount of walking I’ll be doing everyday – today I’ve been walking from 9am till  7.30pm and I still haven’t finished, I should be ok;) I hope so. 

Anyway, today I walked like crazy, just after the breakfast at 9am, I ventured out and only stopped shortly for some food and drinks. And all that after going to bed around 2.30am as the check in the hotel took ages and I had to help with my Spanish, although I still think calling it SpanItalian gives it more justice 😉 

Back to the chase, after breakfast in a nice spot around the corner from our hostel, I went out and I have been almost everywhere, I feel… I followed more or less the historical route from my lonely planet guide book which took me all the way to Palacio Real, Sabatini  Gardens, Plaza de Oriente, Plaza Espana, then on calle Gran Via all the way almost to Retiro Park.  

I stopped for lunch in El Corte Ingles. On the 9th floor there is a gourmet experience meaning a food Hall but much better than it sounds.  It also offers the wonderful panorama of Madrid.  I tried the local sandwich with fired calamari  which is exactly that and really delicious. 

On the way to Retiro , I gave up a bit and I use subway  to find out that this particular route is not in the operations due to some works.  Typical. 

Anyway, after walking through Retiro Park and stopping for a tinto de verano, I visited the contemporary museum – Centro de Arte  Reine Sofia with works of Picasso –  the famous  Guernica is there. It was very interesting, I haven’t realised that the painting so big.  Afterwards,  my feet literally stopped working so I decided to take it easy. And guess what I visited? La gatoteca… I found the leaflet in the hotel and I thought why not, let’s check it out, especially as it is just opposite of the contemporary museum. It’s  a place with 3 rooms and more than 15 cats, I guess.  You’re charged depending how much time you spend there.  Mine 30 minutes wasn’t too pricey and quite enjoyable. 

The other stop on my list was La Latina district with its bars  but let’s face it, 6.30pm is too early for madrilenos so most of the places were closed but I still managed to get a decent croquettes with my cana. 

Now I’m back at  the hostel at 8.30pm on Friday night.  I know it sounds weird but after so many hours being out, I’m welcoming my bed as a long lost friend 😉  Tomorrow night we’re going to have a  concert so the morning I’m going to take it easy. Hopefully… 

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