Last days in Spain

Do you know this feeling when you are somewhere for some time and you start to enjoy the place more and more as you know where is the best beach, where is the best food, where should you go for dinner, where you can go for a swim, you are able to communicate better with people etc…That’s exactly how I am feeling here and I am leaving tomorrow, so I feel a bit nostalgic about leaving Spain as I just started enjoying it to the fullest…

One of the places I discovered is the Dali’s sculpture park in Marbella.

And of course a walk in the old town with the colourful bougainvilleas is always a good idea…


Also one day I rented a bike and had a nice afternoon cycling on the promenade…That’s for sure one thing I will miss in Malta where cycling is considered a dangerous sport.

Overall, I have grown fond of Spain and I am glad I will be coming back here in September. But now, back to Malta for August which it is not a bad destination itself for the summer, right?

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