Who am I :)

I am a Polish pianist who at some point decided to leave Ireland and find a more sunny way of life. I used to work on the cruise ships and during my travels I came across Malta and fell in love with the place. A more than 5 years ago I traveled through whole Europe and after a long week I ended  up in Malta- the 7 days journey is described here. Slowly, I  have been adjusting to Maltese style of life. I  found a job and I started to settle a bit while discovering new place on this “supposedly” small island. So far, I am not bored yet and intend to stay here longer. Relax and enjoy the sunny way of life:)

6 thoughts on “Who am I :)

  1. Aaalez sie ciesze, ze nareszcie znalazlam blog kolejnego milosnika Malty ❤ 😉
    Zakochalam sie w Malcie ze zdjec. Od ostatnich wakacji marze o mozliwosci zamieszkania tam przynajmniej przez chwilke. Czy Wy zamierzacie siedlic sie tam na stale? Mysle, ze zostane wierna czytelniczka bloga!
    Best regards 😉 judd

    • Dzieki wielkie za miły komentarz. Na razie nie myślimy o przenosinach gdzieś indziej,podoba nam się tutaj;) Wszystko zależy jak będzie nam się układała praca i ogólnie życie. Malta na razie nas nie rozczarowuje-czekamy na większe upały i słońce. Zapraszam do dalszego czytania o postaram się,żeby było ciekawie. Julia

  2. Hi, how are you?
    We have found your blog and think that it is really interesting what you do!
    You know that FITUR 2014, the International Tourism Trade Fair, has launched its “TRAVEL BLOGGER 2014” Competition, which this year will extend its search for the best bloggers from amongst candidates on the American Continent and throughout the European Union.
    Those who are interested in taking part in the Competition can enter their candidacy between 4th and 26th November through the app integrated into the FITUR page, http://travelblogger.es/en/2014/ . In order to be able to pass through to the following stage, the blogger must obtain at least 50 votes through Facebook or Twitter throughout the same period.
    In order to take part, contestants simply need to be of adult age and possess legal residence in any country throughout the American Continent or the European Union (except for Spain, given that another series of initiatives has been reserved for Spanish bloggers that the trade fair will be announcing shortly).
    We are waiting for you!
    Have a nice day and smile more! 😉

  3. Hi,

    I run a small independent ebook press based in the UK which has recently published Malta Child by Vivien Jones. It contains six self-contained memoirs of the author’s time on Malta in the 1950s when her father was serving as an officer in the naval base there. Beautifully written, the pieces are very evocative and vivid and capture the intense joys and anxieties of childhood. Can I please inquire if I can send you a complimentary copy?

    Best Regards

    Dr. Gareth Crabtree

  4. Hello! My name is Jennifer Wolfe and I work on a very popular international travel series that documents adventurous individuals’, couples’ and families’ experiences as they make the decision to move abroad. This series is a great opportunity to tell your story and share more about what you like/dislike about your new home. If you think that you or someone you know could be a fit for the show, or if you’d like to get more information, please contact me at JenniferWolfe@LeopardUSA.com. Thanks!

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