On my own…Long weekend in London- shows, shopping, counting cellos, contactless cards everywhere and spotting a fox…

Sometimes you visit places which bring you a lot of memories of your past life. I’ve been to London twice before, always with my ex and this time,  couple of months ago,  I decided to book a long weekend trip to indulge in culture, shopping, various food and just to have a breath of fresh air on my own… Unfortunately, just before this trip I got sick and although usually the cold/allergy mixed disease disappears quickly, this time it got stronger and I ended up on antibiotics. If it wasn’t for the fact that flights, accommodation and shows were paid for, I’d just leave it and stay home. Fortunately, I’ve chosen otherwise, and I’m here in London, after few days actually feeling better 🙂

Main plan was to see 3 shows – the Book of Mormon, the Kinky boots and la Boheme. And none of them was a disappointment. All 3 shows were completely different and I am really happy with my choices. I’m just amazed that I’ve been to 3 performance in a row and each theatre was full… And bear in mind, theatre tickets are not super cheap. If you spot a good deal, you can get them for a fair price. Like my tickets for La Boheme for just 9 pounds. That’s definitely affordable.

I’ve stayed a bit further from the centre,  close to Walthamstow in a lovely airbnb. Quite small room but with comfy bed and just enough space to get by if you’re just sleeping there. Also located few minutes from the tube.

But coming back to my title, culture wise it was musical and opera, I also went to the mass in Westminster in order not only to visit the cathedral but also to listen to the choir there,  so I guess I can count it as a cultural experience.

Regarding shopping, I think it will require another post as I brought with myself another bag in order to have a checked in luggage in case I splurge on shopping. Which did happen.

Besides shopping, it seems everywhere I  looked I spotted someone with cello case. I don’t know if it is because they’re easily visible or I just paid attention but they were quite a few.

The other thing that keep coming up where the contactless cards… And in Malta we still use cheques. Seriously? It seems so easy that below a certain amount you don’t need to enter your PIN in and you can just touch the terminal with your card and your payment is sorted. How convenient. Especially for smaller amounts for example when you’re just ordering a pint at the bar and you don’t have cash on you. Which happens too often I guess.

And the last thing from the title, one night when I was coming back home I saw a ginger creature behind the fence.  At first I thought it was a dog but looking closer I had realised it was actually a fox. Quite a surprise in the suburban area in London. At least for me.

I also tried some local and exotic cuisine but  funnily enough I couldn’t push myself to have more than one big meal a day so I ended up having just breakfast and lunch/dinner.

I’ve tried :

  • The real English breakfast in The Breakfast Club – quite good but I can’t say I was overwhelmed with it and probably it was the last time I’ve ordered this type of food, as especially there were other interesting breakfast options based on English one but with more modern flair to it.

  • Fish and chips in! Fish takeaway in Borough Market – another quite good dish but not too amazing, another reason not to stick to British  food when there ;)sorry…

Feeling super jealous- bowl of avocado for 1 pound…why not in Malta?

  • Indian in the City Spice in Brick Lane – here I went for poppadoms with sauces and their staple dish with lamb in Indian sweet and sour sauce along with Peshawari Naan. This was delicious and made me feel so full…

  • Mexican in Wahaca in Covent Garden – here I tried frijoles with chorizo and nachos – basically mashed black beans with chorizo oil and then tacos with plantain and feta. Another great meal, I actually wish I had ordered more that one portion of tacos but again I couldn’t really eat that much…

  • I’ve also tried 2 coffee shops – the farm girl – Australian place where I have tried Rose cappuccino and banana and tea bread. The cappuccino was quite interesting. I’ll try to replicate it at home as I’ve stocked on Rose petals. The other place was the famous pink cupcake cafe- Peggy Porschen where I’ve ordered strawberry and champagne cupcake.. And it was really something. I’ve like it that much that I’ve bought the book as well. So there might be some batches of cupcakes being baked soon.

Generally, I’ve realised that the best things you can eat in UK are the other regional cuisines. In London I’ve visited about 4 markets and on each every of them there is a food market where there are plenty of stalls with food from all over the world and in decent prices. How I wish this would come to Malta…

I also visited the posh store of Fortnum and Mason where definitely would be a great palce to get something special for Christmas to enjoy. it looked a bit like from a fairy tale although a bit on a pricey side.

Besides that I just really enjoy walking and the great weather that accompanied me in London. I hope to be back soon to get more culture and shopping shot:)

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