Toledo and Segovia on a day trip

One not that sunny morning we ended up Toledo. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t too welcoming but it didn’t stop us to admire the narrow streets and multicultural vibe still present in the city of Toledo. 

This time I decided to visit the synagogue and the mosque instead of the Christian cathedralas as Toledo used to be a a multicultural town respecting all types of religion, at least till some point. 


It was a good idea to check out those places even though on the map they appeared to be easy to find but don’t be fooled… I think I was walking in circles most of the time .  And the fact that somehow I strained muscles of my feet before in Madrid, it did not help at all. By the way, I thought I was smart taking only my super comfortable sandals with me but after days of  intense walking, every step was a painful one…

I also treated myself to hot chocolate and churros that day but to my disappointment they were that not great… Cold! 

The next day we headed to Segovia and El Escorial. The latter I won’t speak about as it was just brief visit and besides the Panteon I was not too impressed but Segovia took my breath away. 

Again we arrived in a  miserable weather considering that it was still summer. And by the way on this tour I become the official translator and had to speak to the choir through the microphone;) 
Nevertheless the famous Segovian aqueduct and the Alcaban made up for it.  As well as the first proper lunch and not just tapas I had over the last few days. The castle reminded me of Robin Hood which is one of favourite film/story ever.


I also walked 250steps plus to get to the top of the tower and have a great view of the town. Unfortunately exactly at the moment it was super rainy and windy but nevertheless it was worth it. 

And the lunch was a good choice for this weather –  wine, chorizo stew, baked piglet and some creamy custard to finish it off. 



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