A bit of France in Basque country – Biarritz

I was staying almost 5 days in San Sebastián and as Biarritz is just an hour away and my mum has been talking about this place without stopping, I’ve decided to buy the bus tickets and make a day out of it. Not too mention that I was in a middle of Hemingway’s Sun also rises novel so it seemed even more adequate.

Unlucky , the excursión was just after my fabulous day on the beach… Fabulous in a sense of experience but in reality I was severely burnt and an idea to go somewhere and wear clothes was a terrible one. Nevertheless, the crazy traveller I’m, I mustered the courage to wear a bra and long dress to cover all the burns and caught the bus. 8 was surprised to see that during the 1 hour trip. We had to have passports which were checked at the border. Exciting as it doesn’t happen anymore in EU.

It’s a shame that I wasn’t capable of swimming or enjoying the the beach time here as the coastline is amazing with all its rock formations. It almost reminded me of Malta… But in the state I was, it wasn’t recommended. So I wandered around, enjoy the views and on of the best burgers in Can restaurant and honestly I was wishing for an earlier bus home. So one wisely advised me to take later bus in order to enjoy the trip but in my circumstances, I was in pain and earlier I’d be at home, the better…

Definíetely I’d would like to be back and visit Bayonne as well – as described in Hemingway’s novel but when I’m in better shape… Still it was lovely to have a slice of France during my Spanish trip…

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