Spring in the air- Things are looking up :)

Last blog entry ended up on a sour note as February wasn’t the best month for me for many reasons. But like everything in life, things happen when we least expect them and now life seems to be going in the right direction.

In March I joined the choir of Philharmonic Orchestra which was a great experience and since then I took part in two projects with them, chamber one and one performing Bernstein pieces with the Symphonic Orchestra. It was wonderful seeing the orchestra from the completely different angle.

Also I spent Easter in Poland so it was a really nice break as last time I’ve visited was July last year so it was good to catch up with family and friends. The weather wasn’t the best, it was still wintery so unfortunately I managed to cycle just one day and I had big hopes for it;) Nevertheless, I enjoyed it but also it was wonderful coming back home as I have made quite an important decision to finally buy an acoustic piano and it was supposed to be delivered after my return from Poland. That was my dream since I have moved abroad but due to many circumstances I have never had enough courage or funds to do so. Not saying that I have so many funds now but fortunately I have managed to make a good deal with the piano shop plus I used my bitcoins which of course now went up;) Anyhow, piano is here and I have been enjoying for a week and it is an amazing and indescribable experience to play on your own acoustic piano once again:)


Simba being happy after I have returned home:)

Also, for the 1st time I have used the services of trustedhousepetsitters and I had a lovely lady from Canada enjoying her time in Malta while looking after Simba. It all went smoothly and I could not recommend the website more. I  will be using it again once I go to Berlin for couple of days in 2 weeks. Another trip that I am looking forward to as not only I will visit Berlin for the 1st time but also catch up with two good friends of mine.

Besides choir engagements, I took part in few concerts within the Malta School of Music during the masterclasses for singers where we had a chance to listen to different lectures by professionals which play a big role in a singer’s life- voice coach, conductor, dancer, makeup artist, just to name the few. Next week also will require a bit of stamina as I will present a bit last minute solo recital and then a charity concert along with my singer friends and then I am off to Berlin.

Thing are definitely looking up:)

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