pre-Christmas break in Brussells

Before the Christmas time last year I treated myself to a short trip to Brussels to visit an old friend of mine with whom I studied in Academy of Music back in Poland. The main reason was to catch up with her, visit the Christmas market and see some of Brussels tourist attractions. The weather was surprisingly very winter like at that time and it did prevent us from more exploration. When I arrived, everything was white and I was told that the life almost stopped there due to the really rough winter conditions. Not really tough by Polish standards, but a bit unusual for Brussels, even in winter. Nevertheless, we tried as much as we could to visit some of the main interesting places in Brussels.

The first morning I was taken to a nearby cafe- Le Pain Quotidien which had an amazing choice of breakfasts and we had a really enjoyable time there chatting and staying warm.

Afterwards, even though it was white and pretty cold, we took the underground to Atomium. It is an example of an atom how it really looks like. There’s is a restaurant and gift shop inside but we just came closer to took photos and went back to the subway as it was getting really cold and snowing.

Then we went back in town we visited Magritte museum which is full of painting but this surrealist artist. The most famous one is the guy with an apple instead of his head. Probably you’ve seen in once in your life somewhere.

In the evening we went to check out the Christmas market which was really big and I liked it so much that even the next evening I went out one more time to visit all the stalls. There were so many of them with food, drinks, gifts and some particular stuff. I kept myself warm with gluwein and during those two evenings I tried some fish, famous Belgian fries, waffles, just to name the few. Also the special liquor jenever which comes in different flavours and colours. The Christmas market spreads around quite a few streets so it’s a nice walk around the centre of the town.

The next day it was still quite cold but with less snow so we headed to Horta museum which is actually the house designated and furnished by this art deco artist. The big kitchen was to die for as well as all the inside windows. Beautiful to say the least.

The last remaining day I spent checking out some local shops and stocking on products that are not that easily found in Malta- like loose tea which I am really fond of but in Malta I haven’t found a nice shop which offers that.

Overall, despite the cold weather, it was a really great break and time to catch with a good friend of mine along with visiting museums, markets, trying the traditional food and having a few days that I didn’t have to think about piano, work and other everyday mundane things;)By the way, my winter shoes fell apart the moment I arrived at home in Malta, so they served their purpose and this year if I go somewhere snowy I need to prepare better and buy new clothes and shoes;)

Somehow, even though I travelled quite a lot last year, I have a feeling or even an urge to go away for a bit longer this year…I love city breaks and what it involves but it would be lovely to go away for couple of weeks somewhere a bit further than Europe. I still need to figure out how to arrange it but I guess it needs to be done;)


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