Here comes New Year 2018 and what will it bring? 

31st December makes us all think back and reflect on the last year.  Especially because I had my birthday yesterday as well and I crossed to the “dark” side of 30thies,  it all makes me think how much different was my life a year ago and how much this year taught me about myself and other people around me. In a good and bad ways I guess… Some of the decisions of this year weren’t made by me, some where my own choices. What I’ve learned is that you can’t take anything for granted and that made me appreciate every single moment, or at least I’m still trying to do that as it is not an easy task for somebody who likes to be in control 😉 I’ve realised I’m much stronger than I thought and quite independent. I never knew that after being with someone for such a long time I’m able to live on my own, on my terms and deal with the everyday live, counting just on… Me… In reality… I do believe it all would be much easier if I’d be back home with my family and my best friends who would be there for me in this difficult time. But I was here in Malta and even though Skype /messenger /WhatsApp works and you can be in touch with your close ones, ultimately you come back home from work to an empty house. Sorry Simba, although your presence is more than appreciated and I’d be much sadder and lonelier person without you, you’re still not a human, although sometimes I think you’re better than some of us;) But back to the topic, I’ve travelled a lot this year, altogether I think I had 7 trips around Europe, including Poland twice. More or less it was for short breaks, so the dream for the next year is to go somewhere for much longer. And as I don’t work that much over the summer, there’s an opportunity there… I have chosen to focus just on music and during the last 2 months of this year I’ve been doing so and it had been great. Hopefully it will be enough next year too. Regarding languages, Italian is put on the back burner, using it from time to time but not really actively studying it. Spanish is still on and I really want to focus more on it but November was full of exams, December- Christmas and etc… I know – excuses so next year I will try to be more focused and pass the intermediate plateau – B1… I also would like to refresh my German a little bit more seriously than last year when I just covered 3 chapters of German made easy by Benny Lewis before my one afternoon in Vienna. In 2018 in May I will be visiting one of my good friends in Berlin and it would be great to be at least communicative… Regarding the relationship /being single…. That’s a tough one… It’s hard to meet people in more or less my age and people do get scared to get involved… But even though you get hurt at some point, you still should keep trying? Still trying to figure it out… And more visible benefit of the year – finally loosing some weight without doing anything special 🙂 That’s a bonus, this one 😉 So to a happy New Year 2018 – full of travels, music, laughter, joy, love and cats, obviously… 


2 thoughts on “Here comes New Year 2018 and what will it bring? 

  1. Belated birthday greetings to you, Jazzulka. Perhaps you will find that you have actually crossed to the lighter side of 30. Certainly my own personal experience has been that I am much happier since I turned 30 than I was before that. And I say that knowing that in mid 2018 I will cross over the threshold to the 70’s. In any case, I hope 2018 is a wonderful year for you in every way.

    Happy Birthday

    • Thanks Christine! All the best to you and your family in 2018 and hopefully will meet this year. Maybe being on the other side of 30-thies won’t be too terrible;)

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