Another Christmas in Malta, another year gone by…

It has been more than 2 months since I left my office job and it seems like it was so far away and blurry…First month after it I haven’t even felt the change as I had so much work to do in the mornings which was great and a blessing to see that there are opportunities for some work in the mornings. When the November exam marathon has finished, I started enjoying the free mornings and I used it to join the swimming pool in Ta’Qali which is pretty great. I also spent few days in Brussels visiting my good friend with whom I studied back in Poland- the post about the trip will follow soon.

Generally, the feeling I have is, I don’t miss the morning job at all. It seems almost like I have never worked there at all…

I’ve been keeping myself pretty busy with music- violin masterclasses, German lied masterclasses, Trinity and ABRSM exams- of my students as well as being the accompanist for quite a few-16 singers. It was quite a challenge which I enjoyed immensely but it was quite tiring as well. I also has been a repetiteur during My fair Lady rehearsal which will be staged in February which is quite challenging job. And during last few days I joined back the wonderful choir- Coro Cathedralis with whom I performed during the Christmas…

It has been a bit difficult time I have to admit, 1st time I am spending Christmas, my birthday and New Year on my own and it is different. Not worse, but different and maybe a little bit more lonely….It is also first time since moving to Malta, that I do feel that not knowing Maltese makes me feel like I am watching a movie without subtitles in a language that I only know few words now and then…Maybe before I was mostly in an expat bubble where English was the primary language, and now it changes…Who knows, maybe finally I will find motivation to work on it…


2 thoughts on “Another Christmas in Malta, another year gone by…

  1. Dear Jazzulka,
    I always get so excited when I get an email about a new post of yours and this time it is even more true because I am in the process of starting to plan another visit to Malta in September/October of 2018 and looking at different places to stay etc. You might recall that I was born in Malta many years ago and my dream came true when we spent a couple of months in Malta in April, May, June of 2016. I had been hoping to meet you during that trip but we got so busy that I dropped the ball on that. So now I am hoping that during this coming visit we can get together with you perhaps take you to dinner or lunch or something that will fit into your schedule. If things work out, we will spend a week in Malta in mid September and then two weeks at the end of October. In between those dates, we are planning to go to Sicily, Florence, Venice, and Athens.

    I will be back in touch closer to our trip when things are more firmed up. In the meantime, I would like to wish you a very happy new year and I hope 2018 is a terrific year for you personally and professionally. I love the sincerity of your blog and reading about your musical endeavors and also life challenges. I really admire what you do.

    Best Regards and Best Wishes,
    Christine Tyrrell

  2. Dear Christine,

    I am so happy to hear that you are still following my blog and you will be making your to Malta again next year. Hopefully we could meet then, if I am still here in Malta, as you never know what can happen;)
    I also wish you all the best in the New Year 2018 that it will bring joy and happiness and fingers crossed for meeting up:)

    All the best,

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