Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans… John Lennon


Today I heard this quote on one of the podcast that I’m addicted to- Zero to travel and I think it sums up my feelings at the moment. No matter what happens and what have you planned, life goes on…And either you accept it or change it right away…

About a year ago I had an idea…To quit the job that it’s giving me the security but not fun and focus solely on music which I used to do before coming to Malta…My circumstances changed over the first few months of 2017 so that thought had to be postponed. I needed to feel I can really make it on my own and in the last summer, I have handed my resignation letter and after 2 more months, I’ve finished working in the office around 2 weeks ago.  It took some time to register it. At first, I thought I am on holiday leave but now it is slowly more real. I am still having the moments of panic though. Will I make it? Was it a right choice or am I plain stupid to give up a job of financial security to follow my dreams and passion? And probably these thoughts won’t leave me for some time…

You do have to realise, I live in a foreign country, on my own, without support of my family- it is actually otherwise;) Not easy…


First week, I have slept a lot- making up time for this 12-14 hours days. Now I feel the joy of not having to wake up too early, having time to exercise- swimming or cycling are my favourites, then actually practising the piano, which is so much fun.  Surprise, surprise…I’ve forgotten about that, especially when you have tons of new books which I have bought in London plus I need to prepare for solo recital in January-scary thought though…I’ve played today at this venue and playing there as a soloist freaks me out…Not really playing, just my memory is not as good as it used to be after years of accompaniment… but…still 2 more months to go and I am working on the repertoire…

I am giving myself a year to see where it will bring  me and give myself reasons to stay in Malta afterwards…Otherwise, I am not sure…I am not going back to Poland or somewhere else to start the freelance career again as it is too much…But…who knows…Malta…Give me reasons to stay besides work…Wish me luck… and sorry for such a chaotic post…



One thought on “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans… John Lennon

  1. Dear Jazzulka, I have been following your blog for many years now and I still get so very happy every time you post and I get an email from your blog. I am always so inspired by the things you do and I think you have a tremendous amount of courage. Whatever you decide to do next, please continue blogging. I wish you lots of luck in finding music opportunities and personal relationships that will truly make you happy. You have a wonderful spirit. Thank you so much for sharing it and your ups and downs.

    Sincerely, Christine Tyrrell

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