My shopping in London 

Not surprisingly I spent more than I should in London but it was supposed to be expected. So much choice and variety and shops which are not accessibile here in Malta.

 Mainly I wanted to buy some 2nd hand music scores in one of the hidden gems- a small antiquarian bookshop with basement full of music up to the ceiling. You literally have to go through the books which are lying everywhere. They’re more or less organised alphabetically but still you never know what you’ll find there. I have visited this place previously and I knew some money will be spent there. And for 45 pounds I bought quite a pile of piano music as well as vocal scores and songs. Very happy with that 🙂

Other purchases were 3 cookbooks… Apart from travel books, those are the ones I never buy in the e-book format. Now I’m trying to cook all the exciting stuff from it – new Nigella, Persian cooking and cupcakes… We’ll keep you posted about the it;)

What else, some nice jeans, whittard chocolates – couldn’t help myself as I’m addicted to their chocolate in the winter time which is approaching soon.

Also, I get excited in the borough market and I bought bunch of spices and flowers petals which I’ll use for some cakes.

Not too mention some stationery which I’m a big fun of and I can’t help buying them when I see something cute. 

Overall, even though I went over the budget, I’m happy with it and looking forward to next trip to London, although I will need to save some more money,  definitely 🙂 


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