Summer in Latvia – Riga 

After masterclasses in Venstpils, I had a chance to spend a weekend in Riga. I was staying in a pretty central room close to all amenities like old town and shopping district.

On Friday I went for a walk around and enjoyed the vibe of the old town. All the cobbled streets, open air bars, art deco architecture. It all reminded me a bit of my hometown- Łódź, where the art deco is visible almost on every street. And I loved the fact that on top of the buildings there is usually a small statue. One of the most famous, is the statue of the cat:) Obviously…


Not my photo this time as actually I have not managed to find this particular building but later on I bought a postcard with this cat…



The night would not be satisfying if I would not check some local brewery as well as some cool wine bar. To be honest, it was my 1st night off on my own after working , so I enjoyed it:)


Wine on tap- you get a top up card of 50 EUR and then you choose the amount of wine you want to try- be it a taster or a glass…And it is up to you to decide when to stop…Sort of wine ATM;)

Later on I spotted similar beer bar but I did not have enough time to check it out.

The next day I took an old tram to have a trip around the town which was quite cool.


I ended up near the zoo and the area called Mezaparks where I used the city bike to go around the park. Not far from the city centre but it felt like I was somewhere in the countryside…


After heading back to town on a normal tram, I checked out the local market with fresh fruits and vegetables. As always, this place was bustling with people and had all the produce that was in season at the moment.


I managed in my broken Russian to buy few seedlings of wild forest strawberries. They actually survived the trip home and were planted in my pots on the balcony. They have not survived Simba’s sweet tooth though who happily munched them few days after planting. No comments here…

After market it was back to city and preparing for the night out at the Sigulda Opera Festival . It was a great night although a bit chilly in the end where we watched top Latvian opera singers performing Verdi’s Falstaff.


We arrived home quite late catching a ride with the choir and orchestra:) And next day was my last day in town so I cycled around and soaked the atmosphere of the old town.


I tried some chlodnik- it would be a big let down if I would not do it and then in the late afternoon I headed to the airport. Luckily there is a direct flight with Air Baltic to Malta and this time I was happy to board one of the newest planes in their fleet. Very clean, modern and spacious:)

That’s the end of the Latvian adventure,  hopefully not the last one…


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