Holidays in my hometown 

Spending your holidays in your home town can sound boring to some but when you live few thousands kilometres away, spending summer time in a place you grew up is quite exciting. You can see what has changed since your last visit, where are the new cool places to hang out, you can catch up with your family and friends and shop at your favourite shops. This summer I spend some time in Łódź in July and the weather was really good. Maybe it rained a bit during 2 mornings but besides that, it was a nice summer temperature. Nowadays in Łódź there is a city bike system which seems to be very efficient and working quite smoothly. I was taking advantage of it most of the days and I was quite impressed with the cycling paths and generally how many people use cycling as a means of transportation on everyday basis. Not too mention it is much cheaper and healthier than the public transport. I do not imagine cycling in the winter though but for warmer months it is definitely a good idea. Besides that, I was again impressed with the public transport. After years living in Malta, where, sorry to say, public transportation is still a joke,  even though they’re trying to make it better- staying in a place where buses,  trains, trams are working, is so refreshing! The transport comes on time, is clean, never happens that they wouldn’t stop because they’re full or whatever other reasons they do that for in Malta. It’s just shows again and again, that it can be done and I could see definitely that, at least un the centre more people use the public transport or bikes than their own cars. Would that ever happen in Malta? In near future? Rant over 😉 

This time was the first time I’ve visited the newly built train station – Łódź Fabryczna. Quite impressive but it seems too  big for the needs of the city and every time  I’ve cycled close by, it seemed empty… 

Also, I wouldn’t be myself if I wouldn’t catch up with friends while trying local, regional beers or tasty shots from one of  the bars and micro- breweries on Piotrkowska street…

 Truth to be told, after holidays spent in Poland and then in Latvia I’m on beer detox right now 😉 

I also managed to visit my father’s summer house in nearby Grotniki with it lush greens… 

Overall, it was pleasant 10 days filled with cycling, meeting friends, family and, well dentist;) At least that’s sorted for a while as it is much more economical to do all the health related stuff in Poland than in Malta. Quality of treatment is the same or sometimes better and the prices are definitely more pocket- friendly… 


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