Day out in Toruń 

During my holidays in Poland I decided to visit an old friend from Music Academy who has been visiting her parents in Poland as well and living close to Toruń. 2 and a half hour bus drive with Polski bus went quickly and around 10am I arrived in pretty town of Toruń. Last time I’ve visited this place was more then 10 years ago so my recollections were a bit blurry. As her sister with her fiancee is running a wonderful coffee shop and bakery – The bread house, some of the time we spent there trying their delicious coffee and cakes- brownie with ocean cream and later on pavlova with berries. The discovery of the day was one of their signature coffees – cold coffee with tonic and lemon juice. Simply wow, how great this combination is. I’m hoping to replicate it at home during the hot Maltese days . 

Besides, sitting in the coffee shop and catching up, we walked around the old town full of tourists and kids from summer camps. 

And later on we also strolled next to the river. Torun is a charming place with beatiful churches, squares and narrow streets. We had lunch in Pierogarnia which was more than enough. We chose a platter of 5 baked  pierogi – each with different filling and I really struggled to finish it.

 And soon afterwards it was time to head back to Łódź. Short but eventful visit – full of food and chatting which makes the best type 😉 


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