Polyglot gathering Bratislava 2017 – day 3

Another day gone, this time with 5 lectures. This time I decided to opt for introduction to languages and culture, so I attended first steps in Japanese, Norwegian and Napoletano besides the regular how to learn languages or how to find time for them. I sort of feel that I already have some knowledge about motivation, habit building, structuring your learning style etc. And some of those presentations just reinforce what I already know. 

I decided to skip the last lecture and head to town to hang out with my new Slovak friend. She took me to the typical Slovak Pub where I tried halousky which were delicious. 

Then we walked around the town soaking the atmosphere of Saturday night in Bratislava. 

Even at 9pm the temperature was still 24 degrees and city was full of cool bars and cafes and full of international feel. 

Tomorrow is my last day and I’m planning to attend 3 presentation, head back to the hotel and then catch the boat to Vienna on city liner which should be an experience. Then afternoon and evening in Vienna and on Monday morning back to reality and back to Malta… 


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