Polyglot gathering Bratislava 2017 – day 2

Second day of polyglot gathering has passed, full of lectures and evening entertainment. This time I attended 4 lectures in the morning. 

Then in the afternoon, after eating quickly my lunch and actually speaking a bit of Spanish, I decided to skip one of the afternoon presentations and hit the town. I wanted to see the castle and I have to say that the climb uphill towards it was worth it as you could see the views of all Bratislava, along with the industrial part in the background of the city. 

Unfortunately, I  just realised that I have taken videos of the view instead of the photos and the quality wasn’t good. Oh well…  Then I wandered around town, soaking the atmosphere, visiting some quirky shops etc. And then back to the university for 2 more lectures and mentalists multilingual show. 

The last lectures concentrated on personal approaches towards the languages and how to overcome your weakness and turn them into your strengths. Showing that anyone can and is capable to learn a languag , just needs to find your own personal style, stick to it, be consequent and systematic… I think I  sometimes lack those skills… 

The evening entertainment has started with mentalist show in 5 language. It was really entertaining and the guy was doing an excellent job playing tricks on us with cards and other props and it all in 5 languages. It followed with a concert which I skipped as being whole day away and up was a bit too much. When I got back to town, I decided to walk around the old town as it was Friday night, usually I’m not out on that day as often I have commitment on Saturday morning. 

I ended up visiting a pub where they offered 7 different regional beer on the tap and even though I was knackered I managed to try 2 of those. 

One American stout – 20000 miles and the other ipa 16- Frankies Fallout which was delicious. And then off to the boat for a long night sleep to prepare for my last full day in Bratislava. 


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