Polyglot gathering Bratislava 2017 – beginnings 

So the day hasn’t started the best, I was in a miserable mood last night and waking up at 5am in the morning didn’t help. Then after getting to the airport instead of withdrawing some cash I moved it to my revolut card which in the end wasn’t that smart… When I arrived in Vienna I had no internet connection and as my revolut card recently has not being used a lot, I somehow managed to input PIN wrongly enough times in order to block it. I haven’t realised it at that time and I was sure that my card was blocked for some other reason. Finally I used my credit card – great idea to have it, at least once it has proved to be really useful and I headed to Bratislava. Then I checked in to my botel Marina. It brings so many memories to be again living on the boat. 

After settling there I have decided not to rush to the gathering for the last morning lecture and instead, I hit the streets of Bratislava and I walked around the stare mesto. In the end, I settled for traditional lunch – Hungarian goulash with kluski and small beer… Delicious…

Then after walking a lot

 I caught the bus to Economics university – the base of  polyglot gathering.  When I got off the bus, it reminded me so much of Polish cities. I felt like in Retkinia, in Łódź…

I registered, got my badge

 and waited for the 1st talk of the afternoon session. 

The talks were quite interesting, more to follow later on, as today is just impression day. 

In the meantime I saw people whose blogs, podcasts, webinars, YouTube channels are reasons I’m here. I am usually quite shy to speak to new people and even my English, even though it’s quite proficient, suffers from  nerves. But nevertheless, I managed to speak to Lindsay does languages  and Kerstin which was great 🙂 

After the talks, I headed to dinner where somehow I befriended two ladies from Slovakia and UK respectively, which put me a bit on ease. Afterwards,  with help of a new friend, I set up the stall for food festival. As I’m Polish and living in Malta, I  set up a Maltese stand which was quite successful. 

In the meantime, I spoke to very different level, Polish, English,  Italian, Spanish and very poor German. I was asked frequently about Maltese, which I understand more and more but speaking-wise, well it’s not existent. 

Afterwards, I was planning to stay for the multilingual concert but the tiredness got better of me so I headed to the bus stop. Where while calling home I encountered another people from the blog I know- Jan and Lukas . It’s like being with celebrities 🙂 We were heading the same directions so we started talking in Polish – wow and in the end we would almost take the bus in the wrong direction so we flagged a taxi. So I ended up in the taxi with those guys speaking a mixture of Polish, Slovak and English. Quite amazing. It improved my mood immediately as well the beer I’m drinking now 😉 

And stopped me from thinking about things I have no influence on… 

Tomorrow is another day – 7 lectures and some evening entertainment, I hope I’ll be up for it. Till the next update… 


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