Waiting for summer holidays… 

I have a strange feeling that everything is happening in May- concerts, exams, recordings, last lessons at school,you name it… It is all piling up and I am so looking forward to a break.. Fortunately in Malta there are places where you can escape the reality, at least for a bit. Be it on the bike or on the beach.


The photos were taken when the weather was still not settled but now the summer feel is in full swing with warm days and balmy evenings.

In a week after 3 concerts, 2 exams and wedding plus few days of teaching, I will be going to Polyglot Gathering Bratislava for which I am as excited as nervous…I am excited to listen to interesting lectures about languages, discover Bratislava, meet inspiring people who I follow on blogs or podcasts but in the same time I am a bit concerned about my language skill-especially the speaking which I have not been really working on the last few months. I stopped taking italki classes in Spanish and Italian just before last Christmas and I just found it hard to get back to it. My reading and listening comprehension is always much better than the speaking ability, be it to lack of practice or being shy and afraid to make mistake which I know is silly…

Anyhow, after I get back from Bratislava, I will just have exams and few lessons to perform, which won’t be as hectic as now and I am really waiting for that as I can feel that May is burning me out…I will also have time more to focus on my music project which I slowly announced to world and once it is ready I will post links here as well.Till the next time, probably blogging from Bratislava!



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