Bringing the pieces back together again…

It is been a long silence on the blog as last post was from the end of December and today we have Palm Sunday in April… During those few months I went through some difficult personal patch and blogging was the last thing I could think about . As I do not think this the right space for it, I will just cut to the chase, I moved to a new small flat in Rabat with my loyal cat Simba after separating from my partner of 7 years and I needed time to sort out my life and work during that period. I had some other plans for the spring of 2017 but at the moment they had to be put on hold and hopefully in the near future they will happen. In the summer I am hoping to focus on a music online project that at moment I am doing surveys about with my friends and colleagues to see if something like that has any potential. Meanwhile, I still work in the office in the mornings and in the afternoons I devote myself to music. The last few months I played in various venues and performed at concerts, auditions and exams. I got some new contact in Maltese music world and I hope it will pay off in the future.

I also bought a bicycle as the area where I am living now is so peaceful and I guess it is the only place in Malta I feel safe cycling. I try to go 2-3 times a week, not too far but at least half an hour and it gives me immense fun. The time of the year is great for it. It is not too hot and it is green everywhere.

My language studies also suffered during this time because I mostly put everything on hold until I felt better and besides I had so many music commitments lined up that needed preparation, that there was no time or let’s be honest no motivation.

At the moment, I am not taking the lessons, one of my favourite Spanish teacher stopped teaching and with Italian I try to keep it up by reading books. I signed  up for the Istituto Italiano di Cultura in Valletta and started borrowing books- teenage level though, from their library. I also started refreshing my German and maybe I will sign up for the Slovak challenge as in about 50 days I am going to take part in Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava as a listener and one night I will spend in Vienna as well, so those 2 languages should be useful. I am really looking forward to this as it is an event I heard about a lot of good things and since then I wanted to take part in it. So that is my closest adventure abroad. There are few more planned, so I will keep you posted.

On the other note, I signed up for Sicilian fruits and veggies from Barbuto which is a company that has a farm near Modena in Sicily and there they grow natural and organic fruits and veggies, they make their own cheese, grow herbs etc. Their cheese- ricotta al forno is to die for… I signed up for a weekly mix veggie and fruit box and for a decent price I receive 4kg of produce. They choose what is the best and freshest at the moment so every time I pick up the box, it is a surprise and I enjoy that a lot. Then I have to figure out what can I do with those particular veggies or fruits. Like a lot of dill or graffiti aubergines from this week;)


photo taken from the barbuto FB page

So I am staying positive and trying to be happy no matter what had happened and treating it as a new beginning of something even better waiting for me in the future:)


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