Why I like Malta #6 and December time…

Lately when I was driving home with the top down in my car, getting the sunshine and having the blu sky over my head I though I really like Malta. Sometimes, I forget about it…And I just checked that I had similar post about it last year in January..It is true that sometimes in winter we are treated with beautiful sunny and warm days and it feels so good to be in Malta on that days. Especially after miserable, rainy and windy weekends preceding Christmas.

Before Christmas we were lucky to enjoy two Christmas markets one in Naxxar and then the really pretty one in Rabat.

Someone promised me to write a guest post full of photos from rabat so I am hoping that this post will make him accountable for writing the post in question.

But coming back to December, I had a pleasure to play at two private concerts with a very intimate setting as well as a big concerts with choir and orchestra. This was my 2nd Prelude to Christmas with Amadeus Chamber Choir in Mdina. Then finally, Christmas break arrived and I spent the holidays with my friends and my partner. It was a lovely, easy-going time. This time we did Christmas Eve in sort of Polish style- I did not bother with 12 dishes as for 2 of us it was unreal to eat it all plus my other hals is not so fond of Polish Christmas cuisine, to say it mildly. Then we followed with English lunch on Christmas Day and now it is time to slowly recover form the amount of food (the fridge is still full ) and booze that we consumed of the holiday period.

Now I am looking forward to week in Poland and then 3 interesting music engagements in January, two with violins and one with viola:) The year is starting on a top note!

Happy New Year and let the next Year be even better for all of us!



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