Finding myself again in Malta…

I’ve been back in Malta for almost 3 weeks now and I am slowly adapting again to the school rhythm of the work.

My last week in Spain I spent again in Marbella and as I wasn’t working at all, I was mostly chilling, walking a lot, discovering new places, spending time on the beach. Well, in a nutshell, I had a lovely time and I already miss it. Overall, my Spanish adventure this summer was great but it was finished by the terrible experience of journey back home as I was forced to stay at the Barcelona airport for 15 hours due to the bad weather and therefore postponed flight. I do not want to even go into details now as I was mad about it for sometime but I finally got over it. One thing I learnt this summer is I will never fly  with Vueling again.

But back to Malta, already 2 weeks into school routine and I had 2 important events to play at- an art exhibition and flute diploma exam. All went well, and now I can prepare to another diploma exam, this time accompanying a singer in November.

One thing which I find really tough now back in Malta is the amount of traffic which makes the driving really a painful experience. I usually enjoy driving but here you spend more than an hour to cover just 7 km, so  clearly there is something wrong… In comparison to Spain, where getting to places is not a big deal, traveling from Madrid to Malaga takes 2 and a half hours…I miss it so much, to see that it is possibile that the public transport actually works, drivers know how to behave on the roads…It seems Malta is unfortunately well behind  of the rest of the Europe and from my experience of living here for more than 4 years, every year is getting worse. I think it would be one of the good reasons to consider leaving the island at some point as spending more than 2 hours in a traffic in a place which is half the size of the city I grew up- Łódź, is just rubbish.

But back to positives, as of course there are some, October seems to be a month when a lot of new plays, performances and musicals are taking place. Last two weekends I spent in Valletta and Msida and I have watched The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie in Masquerade theatre- The Blue Box, Orpheus in Underworld in Manoel Theatre and Sounds of the Music in MCA. It is much more thank I usually see in a couple of months. I also went to the nearby cinema in Buggiba and watched a movie there which is much closer for me than going all the way to Valetta or Paceville.

Sea is still quite inviting and I had a quick swim last Sunday. Even though the sea was a bit rough, ti was really refreshing to go in , especially that since Spain I haven’t been swimming.

I am lately trying to find time for walks during the week as I feel I am being stuck to the chair most of the time and when I was in Spain I walked plenty every day and it was a real pleasure.

On one hand there is a danger in travelling as it can show you that in some places life can be better…And then you start thinking about it everyday, like me now…But for the time being, Malta it is and I am hoping to make the most of my time here. Till the next one…


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