Rant about travelling 

  • I usually love travelling –  airports, buses, trains, you name it. I like the hustle of people who are going into different directions. Today I’m writing from Rome’s Fiumicino airport. I had an ambitious plans about today… I booked a flight home to Malta via Rome where I have a layover for some time. I thought, great, I’ll get  off, see a bit of Rome etc. When the day approached, I thought I’m tired. I’ve been in Spain for the last 2 weeks or more, visiting places everyday as it felt stupid to stay in our small holiday flat in the afternoons so in the end I stayed here… The temperature outside plus the fact of having two carry ons with work laptop on board didn’t help. I have visited all the shops, spent around 35 Eur so far on food and wine – to cheer me up a bit and now my flight is one hour delayed and the gate is changed to a completely different one… So far Vueling airlines were more than disappointing! On the way to Spain, both flights were delayed between 45-90 minutes. And they’re not cheap – both ways 400 Eur, I’d top it up with 200 and I think I could go to New York for that money… On top of that, there’s a piano here, at the airport, like in Malta and it’s a wake up call for me…After few weeks of holidays I’m able to play beginnings of many pieces but I can’t carry on till the end.. . . Ok, the wine plays a role here today but overall because I am mostly accompanying, I’m not longer learning pieces by heart. What a shame. Time to change it! Especially that after Spain I really want to dive into Spanish repertoire –  De Falla, Albeniz…Rant over and hear from me from Malta when I finally arrive there… 

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