Impressions after few hours in Malaga

Last week I also managed to squeeze in a short visit to Malaga, the biggest city in the area. It took 20 minutes bus ride to Fungirola and then around 45 minutes train journey. I knew this time it will be a short visit, just to get the feel of the city, so I did not intend to visit the museums which Malaga is famous for, especially for Picasso ones, who was born here.

It was an overcast day-what a relief and maybe because of that I did not get the particular feel of the city. I mean it is nice, has the old town, a lot cafes and restaurants, a beautiful park where I spotted green parrots- the highlight of the day but overall, I was not impressed so much. But to be honest I only spent 2 hours there, so maybe that’s the reason.

The cathedral was a surprise because instead of being in the middle of the plaza, it was in a sort of exotic garden- very different from positions of the church in Malta or Italy.

I also wandered in the old town where I had lunch in one of the local restaurants. I chose el menu del dia for around 9 EUR which includes starter, main and a drink. I opted for ensalata malaguena- interesting combination of potatoes, oranges, olives and white fish with scrambled eggs with jamon and potatoes (again) as a main, all with a cold cana. I even manged to get it all right in Spanish:)

I then wandered around a bit more and came across ruins of the Roman amphitheatre and at the end I went to the park near the new waterfront.

In a nutshell, it has quite ok old town but nothing that can compare to old town in Italy or Malta. Maybe I need to give it another go. What do you think?


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