First week in Spain- first impressions of Marbella 

Today marks almost a week that I have been in Costa del Sol, exactly in vicinity of La Cala de Mijas. Like I mentioned probably before, my partner has a new position in a new company which has offices in Malta as well as Marbella, Spain,  so he is travelling between those two and in July he decided to work entirely from Spain. Therefore, in order to spend some time with him and in Spain, of course;) I am here. I am really lucky that I have school holidays, so no commitments in the afternoon and my manager of my office job gave me permission to work remotely for this few weeks. I am really super grateful for that. Nevertheless, I can see afer one week that I have to abandon my ambitious plans to visit whole Andalucia, even though I will be spending here almost  3 weeks. With work in the morning till 1pm and without the car, it doesn’t really leave much time for exploring places which are 1/2 hours away. I still did pretty well last week, as I managed to visit Marbella-30 minutes away, I will probably go there more often, Malaga- around 1 hours 15 minutes away and Mijas Pueblo- 45 minutes away.

Marbella’s old town is a small quartier with white-washed walls, narrow alleyways and plenty of cafes on the main square- Plaza de Naranjas. Not far away there is a park where plenty of nicely tiled benches are, each of them has different tiles and pictures. It is also a brillant spot to escape from the scorching sun and is full of exotic plants.

Supposedly, there is are also a lot of shops with famous El Corte Ingles which I will check out tomorrow. 

On the beach front, the beach is immense and full of chiringuitas-small beach bars offering typical seafood and drinks like Cana or Canita how they call it here- the half pint of beer. The other popular drink is tinto de verano-red sparkling wine with lemoniad, also brillant for the hot weather. I already tried gazpacho and las sardinas a plancha-fried sardines on the stick, bit salty but delicious. Gazpacho was also very tasty. Since then I stocked up in supermarket where decent carton of gazpacho is around 3 euros. We also saw a mango gazpacho and we bought it. Quite an interesting flavour. 

Stay tuned to more posts about Spain in near future. Hasta luego! 




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