Weekend break in UK

Last week I spent a long weekend visiting my partner’s family in the north of England.


During the first few days we had a brillant weather and I almost thought how nice would it be to live in a place so green but last two days with constant rain and cold-around 13 degrees reminded me why we moved from that part of the world;) It was also the time after the UK chose to exit the EU, so there were a lot of discussions regarding that from both sides.

As usual, what I enjoy in the UK is  shopping, mostly visiting second-hand bookstores and second-hand shops where I always try to find some bargains. That’s one of the things I definitely miss in Malta. We have one or two shops of that type here but the quality of the clothes here is not the best. l also enjoy checking out all the quirky shops with things you do not really need but like to look at. I had a chance to do so in York where we went one day for couple of hours.Like the last time when I was there, it rained all the time, so really we just moved from one shop to the other.

First two days we spent in Hornsea where we stayed in a lovely B& overlooking the sea and with great English breakfast to recharge before the day. We walked a lot visiting different shops, walking  on the seaside and simply having good time. One thing which struck us as odd, is wherever we went for a cup of coffee in the England, the quality of it was just terrible and it was not drinkable. We did not go to the brand names like Costa or Starbucks, just normal cafes in the area where we were staying. A big downside for a coffee drinker like me.

2016-06-25 11

We came along an ukulele fest while in town;)

2016-06-25 10c

view into town from one of many cafes, still with bad coffee:(

The rest of the days we spent travelling, having BBQ with family and enjoying or not so much the English weather. Due to the rain, I did not take any pictures later on, as it was too gloomy.

I tried a lot of different beers from the Yorkshire and ti managed to take photo of this tasting tray from York. The Yorkshire Blackout being my favourite.

2016-06-28 15

it was good to be away finally on holidays without thinking about work as it was my first getaway after the end of the scholastic year which was busy as usual. as some you may know, I work quite hard over the school months to enjoy the holidays almost work free. Usually, it does not happen that way, as I still have some commitments in the but this year, I decided that it is enough and I just can’t and do not want to take more assignments during the summer. So, while it was good to be away, I am really happy to be back in Malta with more free time than usual. The weather is bit inconsistent here, so I still did not go swimming after the return but I hope to do so in the next few days. And in a week I will be going away for about 2 weeks to Spain, so stay tuned.


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