Flowers in Erice and being in the holiday spirit!

As promised before, in today’s post, I  am attaching photos of beautiful flowers which we encountered while spending May weekend in Erice. One morning we went for a lovely walk which ended up in a cafe on the outskirts of Erice. Quite terrible rain caught us there and because of that we were trapped in a small cafe where I tried my Italian with the waiter and I actually understood most of what he said. We spent a lovely mid-morning there just talking and tasting different wines.

Now, it’s mid-June which means I am almost on holidays. I have just few exams to play at and from 24th June onwards I will be enjoying summer. It was a busy school year, with quite a lot of concerts-I was playing in Valletta’s St. Francis chapel almost every month, I also covered for one of the accompanist at school which means one more working day during the week and the conclusion of that are today’s violin exams. Besides, it was a time of some decisions and maybe changes in my and my partner’s life in the future, as he was offered a new position which most likely will be taking him to Spain quite often, if not permanently at some point. This raises the question, what I should do at the moment in which I feel pretty establish here in Malta and happy with my musical career so far…

I am giving myself a year to stay here and decide what to do next, as starting again somewhere else from scratch can seem very exciting but also tiring and annoying. Plus there’s a question of learning the language enough to be able to conduct lessons and maintain professional life in this language. I studied Spanish to A2 level but it was 7 years ago so now I am trying to get back to it, although my last week’s Spanish italki session was far from successful but I will keep trying. Not mention the fact, that at the moment Spain’s economy is in regress and let’s face it, art is always the first one to be cut down…

On a positive note, this summer I will be able to see it myself as I will be spending more than a month in Spain. So next updates might be from the Spanish soil;)




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