Weekend break in Erice – day one

This weekend for my partner’s birthday, we packed our bags and flew to Trapani.  I booked the same room we stayed in two years ago in Erice to spend a relaxing and quiet weekend in this medieval town. It was also a good excuse to try my Italian in a real world. Just a word of warning, the flights and accommodation were more than reasonable but eating and drinking out in Erice will make you broke.
To get to Erice we took the bus from the airport to Trapani, then local bus to cable car, and finally cable car to Erice. I think this journey took longer than the actual flight. One thing which struck us when we were travelling via local bus 21 that some of the parts of Trapani look terribly poor and almost reminds you of favellas in Brazil. I’ve seen them so I know what I’m talking about. The block of flats were dilapidating and people who were getting on and off the bus in those areas also looked quite rough. I was thinking what if we get lost and get off there… You never know what can happen.  I almost felt sorry for two Polish girls who got off near the beach to stay in the hotel next to that particular part.  Even my partner said, Tallaght, all is forgiven. For those of you who haven’t been or lived in Dublin, Tallaght is one of the roughest neighbourhoods there, the sort of place you would never go to with or without a reason.
But coming back to Erice, we took a cable car and after few minutes we were on the top.



We’re staying in the same place and the only downside or maybe a godsend is lack of Internet. Overall, I think it’s a great thing that I won’t check emails and Facebook more than once a day and actually be present in the moment. So far we spent one and half a day here and it seems according to the schedule – walk, restaurant, walk, bar, walk etc. During the time here till now, we checked out three different restaurants and I’m quite happy with the food, I tried tagliata con funghi di Boscombe ( ristorante di Venera) which is slices of steak with wild mushrooms which was delicious. I also tried two different types of pasta-one with sausage and aubergine ( Cafe San Rocco) and other one with mackerel eggs and orange ( restaurant in Elimo hotel) . That one was fine but not too amazing. What compensated the flavours was a very friendly waiter who practised his English on us- first place where someone was speaking back to me in English even though I started the conversation in Italian. We also tried local wine as well as fortified wines like Marsala, Zibbibo and Syrah. I was very surprised to learn that there’s sweet, fortified wine called Syrah.
Today we also had a wonderful walk outside Erice next to field full of flowers. Post about it will be soon as I didn’t take my phone there so all the photos are on my partner’s mobile.  What’s interesting and different here is that you’re on the top of mountain and even though there are tourists here, you can really get lost in the town and hear the silence. Quite amazing.





View from our window


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