Magical moments in musician’s life

There are sometimes moments in our lives as musicians that we take part in a very rewarding and stimulating rehearsal or concert which makes us feel that we made a right choice of our career path. I don’t want to sound too pompous but moments like this when you are so present in the music and so inspired by other musicians that you try harder and play better than before are wonderful. I played a concert a few days ago with two talented, young sopranos in a beautiful piano room in St.James Cavalier Centre in Valletta and I felt that magic then. This is a reason I stick to my decision to be a pianist sometimes against all the odds. Not always adequate and not regular pay, not always feeling appreciated. Also hearing opinions of some people who don’t consider music as a proper profession but an expensive hobby. I even heard someone saying that what I do is “pianoing”. I’m not sure how to comment on that. Anyway, I still believe in it for those rare magical moments.


11 thoughts on “Magical moments in musician’s life

  1. Dear Jazzula,
    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful magical experience with your recent performance. I wish we had been there. We are now in Malta, staying in Sliema, overlooking Exile Bay and totally in love with it. Have been here almost 2 weeks now. We are planning to go to the Strawberry festival tomorrow, and I wondered if you might be going too. If so, I would love to connect with you and meet you. If you want to email me, I will give you my mobile number (a Maltese #). Over the years, your blog has been my biggest connection with Malta, keeping my dream of returning to my birthplace alive for me, and now our dream has come true and we are here!

    Hope to hear from you soon. If it does not work out to connect at the strawberry festival, maybe we can connect some other time over a drink or something. We will be here through June, so there will be plenty of time. Also we would really love to hear you play, so please do post about any performances ahead of time so that we can plan to be there.

    All the best,

    • Dear Christine,

      Thank you for your comment. I was thinking that you must be here already. I cannot attend the strawberry festival this year, unfortunately. And the following week I will be having my in-laws over, so it will be pretty hectic. I am glad you are staying till the end of June, I am pretty sure there will be a convenient time for us to finally meet. Regarding the concert, if you are interested, I will be performing with two talented sopranos on 22nd April at 12.30 in St. Francis Oratory in Valletta on the main street. You are more than welcome to attend and maybe then we can chat afterwards and make some date to have a drink or dinner;)

      • Dear Christine, I hope you are still enjoying Malta. I am at the moment super busy with school and exams but in around 2 weeks that should be over. Will you still be here after 13th June? Would be great to meet and chat. Kind regards.Jazzulka

  2. Hi Jazzulka ! Bonjour !

    My girlfriend and I are a young belgian-american couple living and working in Paris. Globe-trotters, musicians & instagrammers, we are about to start a blog devoted to expats passionate about the places they live in !

    As we just discovered your blog and your passion for Malta (and music !), we were wondering if we could meet you the last week-end of April as we will visit Valletta ; feel free to let us know by e-mail, that would be amazing !

    Many thanks & and cheers,
    Mathieu & Lauren

    • Bonjour Lauren and Mathieu,
      First of all, thank you very much for checking out my blog. That’s really nice. Let me know exactly when will you be here in Malta and I’ll be more than happy to meet with you guys. My schedule is pretty hectic as it’s getting closer to the end of scholastic year but I’m sure will manage to grab a coffee together. All the best. Julia

      • Dear Julia, thank you so much ! We will be visiting Valletta for the International Fireworks Festival on April 30th and May the 1st. Hectic for us as well, but we cannot wait to discover the honey island ! See you soon.
        Best. Mathieu

  3. Ċaw Julia! We will be in Valletta for the International Fireworks Festival on April 30th and May the 1st. As we are also scholars & musicians, it would be awesome to meet on that week-end (we’ll bring macarons) ! Looking forward to discovering the honey island ! Cheers, M&L.

    • Bonjour Julia !
      On Saturday we’ll be visiting Gozo island, but we will come back in Sliema around 6pm. On sunday we’ll discover Sliema and Valletta. We can certainly meet you there for a drink or a meal, saturday evening or anytime sunday. Let us know, we’ll be reachable by mail ! Best, M&L

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