Silence on the blog=a lot of concerts and work engagements…

March was on of those months where everything happens at the same time and you have no moment for yourself, therefore I was very happy to welcome Easter holidays so early in order to just relax and recharge for the next 2 school months to come. Last month I took part in 4 concerts and somehow 3 of them ended up to be on the same day which was quite tough, especially to maintain the concentration level. I performed again twice in Lunchtime series in Valletta, one of the concerts was actually the one moved from December, so we finally did it although with different repertoire. I also performed at the Easter concert with choir and small ensemble and somehow this was the one concert which was the most challenging. Funnily enough,as I was not playing solo there or just with one singer  but because I also played some string parts on the keyboard and I had to count every bar in order not to get lost. I feel, we pianists are not used to playing very repetitive material and counting every single bar. Overall, it all went pretty well. I had one moment of panic when during one of the concerts with a bass, my pages got stuck and instead of turning to page 2, I turned to 4 and I had to struggle to sort out my music while still playing. But I survived, the singer did not even notice it and some people from audience came up afterwards to me and praised me for staying so calm despite the circumstances.

I also worked a bit more in both of the music schools- I covered the accompanist hours for violin students in one of the schools and theory classes in the other one. I hope it was just a temporary thing although I really enjoyed the extra accompanying work and I am seriously thinking to include that next year in my workload. The only downside is the fact that it is during my off day so now my week is pretty cramped as I work on Sundays too- yes I know a bit extreme and I am sure I won’t do that again next year. The problem is, which I probably already mentioned here on the blog, that I mostly work just during the school months, so I try to cram everything now so I am able to live from some of the savings during the summer months, as the school contracts are only from October- June and the holidays are not paid, well maybe a tiny bit but it is just a one time extra money , not really covering the whole 3 months off. That’s were my morning office job comes handy:) I actually recently promised myself that I am not accepting any new engagements before summer,I will just continue working on the things I promised to do but yesterday I got a text with an exciting prospect and I though oh well, I can manage it. I really have troubles with saying no when it comes to the music work. On one hand, I feel I cannot let go of the opportunity and I am afraid that next time they simply won’t ask me, and on the other hand I really personally find it hard to say no. At the moment, I do not accept any more students- I am just focusing on the ones I have and have been working with for some time, I am just accepting the piano accompaniment work which I really enjoy.

I am still continuing my Italian adventure by myself and with italki tutor and I am really happy with it. I am tryign to do a bit everyday, even if it is just a tiny bit. I feel like I am starting to grasp the language even more and my main teacher is really great preparing the whole lesson plan with different resources. I am having so much fun during the lessons and looking forward to the next one.

Also lately, I had a lot of time to think about what I should do next in my career path and in my personal life. Due to my partner’s work circumstances, my life will be a bit changed and we will see how it will work our for both of us and our work. At the moment, I cannot say more as nothing is set in stone but I will definitely reveal more when the time comes.

Today, I am back to school and have to get ready for two more concerts in just a few days- Trinity Distinction concert on Sunday nad on Tuesday concert during  Orchestra Spring Festival.


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