Why I like Malta #5 and review of January

Why I like Malta? Well, it’s simple, today it’s 2nd February and I’m driving back home from my morning duties in the office, the temperature is around 20 degrees and I’m enjoying the wind in my hair as roof is open… Yes, that’s true. Moreover, the fruit trees are starting to bloom…


That's just around the corner where I live.

And yes, it’s still pretty cold, especially in the flat once the sun sets but I have a special heater here, which helps in the evening and at night…
On a serious note, January has been actually quite pleasant and not rainy and windy at all. I understand that some people are not happy about as it might affect the harvest here but I can’t complain about it.
I also tried some interesting types of pastard- in Maltese cauliflower. It tastes almost the like normal cauliflower but the colours are great.

I’ve been doing pretty well this January – cutting down on booze, incorporating some exercises, juicing – I did January juice challenge for 7 days and I did feel better afterwards.
I played one lunch time concert – other got postponed and I have two other in March to look forward to.
I also looked a bit more serious at my Italian skills which I was trying to improve over the last year. Maybe some of you remember, that I started Italian at Lifelong Learning here in Malta almost 3 years ago but with not much success as classes were super boring, based only on grammar instead of communication. Year ago I started taking lessons with private tutor which was going quite well but then it started to be difficult to schedule lessons because both of us are working, so I continued on my own but maybe not too systematically. The only positive thing about is that my tutor is my good friend now and thanks to her I can meet other Italian people. Like the other night when I attended a party with only Italians guys who prepared the speciality from Abruzzo- arrosticini (sheep kebabs). It was a special evening for me. I did my best speaking a bit and listening to a lot of different Italian accents/dialects from Rome, Naples, just to name the few. But coming back to learning languages, I finally took some advice from few blogs and podcasts I follow – actual fluency, Benny Lewis, Lindsay and instead of researching resources, I started real learning. I booked lessons via italki – website where you can find your own private professional or community teacher and in last 10 days I had 3 lessons and few more are scheduled in the next few weeks. What’s really convenient with this type of lessons is that you don’t have to go anywhere. You just connect to Skype and that’s it. Thanks to that I met two lovely ladies with whom I plan to continue learning. I will keep you posted about it as I want to try to have one professional teacher and the other more like a community tutor which still corrects you but you focus more on conversation. I also think that is useful and interesting to speak to different people as everyone has their own accent and favourite words and phrases that they are using. So I will be taking it seriously now as in 3 months I’m going to Sicliy for a weekend, to wonderful Erice again and I want to be able to have proper conversation with people – to be understood and understand others. So here is my pledge – get to B1 towards B2 level within 3 months, at least on conversational level. The level B is intermediate level according to European certificate with C2 meaning proficiency. I have heard, if you announce something out loud, you’re more likely to stick to it and be actually accountable for it. So I did it!
In a few days I’m going to Poland for a week and I’m really looking forward to not working – well more or less as I will have 2 working afternoons but still – no wake up call at 6.45am. Woohoo! Although knowing my body clock I will wake up early anyway 😉


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