Skobra temples

One sunny day in December we drove to Mgarr and came across Skobra temples. They’re megalithic remains which were excavated in 1960.  They are not as impressive as Tar Xien temple but still it’s interesting to check them out.




Especially, when you come across two super-friendly cats guarding them.





We visited as well the Christmas market situated under the church and strolled around in quiet streets of Mgarr with beautiful views of the vast green around. And it all happened in December – only in Malta.


4 thoughts on “Skobra temples

  1. Merry Christmas Jazzulka! What a great Christmas present to see two posts from you today! Good luck with your resolve to have a better work/life balance. That is always a challenge for me. Enjoy your holday with friends and family back home and may 2016 be full of love, inspiration, fun, … And balance.

    Happy h
    Christine Tyrrell

    • All the best to you and your family. And isn’t this next year that you’ll be coming here? I struggled a bit first half of the year therefore there were no post but I’ll try to be better.

  2. What a good memory you have! Yes we will be there April – June, staying on the Sliema front towards St Julian’s. Maybe we can get together for dinner or something while we are there. Would love to meet you and very interested in knowing about musical events etc. Please don’t feel any pressure about your blog, but know that it is a big treat for your followers whenever you do post! Happy New year!

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