Another Christmas in Malta

Another Christmas is approaching very quickly and tonight I will celebrate Christmas Eve with my family. Since my last post and holidays in September some time passed and I was again swallowed by the amount of work in schools and in the office job  and I did not manage to pull myself to write posts. Besides, I am not sure how interesting can it be to describe my life which lately mostly consisted of long hours either driving to work and back, staying at work and then collapsing on the sofa at home, just to start it all over again the next day. Therefore, the blog posts were put on hold. I cannot promise it will be better next year but at least I need to try to find the balance between work and life as at the moment, working is taking over and let’s put it mildly it does not always make me happy. Every year, I am thinking to cut down on some work assignments just to end up doing the same amount of work or more, as different opportunities have arisen. It is hard to say no, as in the back of my head I always have a thought, what if they never ask me again, when I will really need it? But on the other hand, I feel that I need to find a way to balance it out and not get too crazy and burnt out.

Anyway, starting from the beginning of scholastic year, I had a chance to perform in different venues with some known and new inspiring artists, and therefore I played in Valleta, I had my debut in Gozo during the Mediterranean Festival as well as preparing towards LTC diploma with a singer and playing the piano part during the Christmas concert with choir and orchestra in Mdina cathedral. There were two other concerts planned with quite challenging programme but due to unforeseen circumstances they were postponed for later dates. So , you can see, I kept myself busy along with 3 schools, office job and private students.

One thing, which dominated the last few months was my morning commute to work. I am very lucky to be able to work sometimes from home but I still need to show up in the office and the drive from my new place in Mosta has been disastrous. No matter, what route I would take I would never know if I will be on time or really late. It made my mornings quite nervous and getting up earlier and earlier every day. I still haven’t figure out how to tackle it and I am trying to find different routes, time slots to arrive to work on time. It does not help that I am starting at the same time as thousands of the school kids. But on the positive note, I am still able to work from home sometimes and that thought cheers me up. Besides that, I really enjoy living in Mosta, exactly in the spot where I am close enough to both Naxxar and Mosta but I still have a feel of living in countryside. I can;t walk to promenade as I used but still the vast areas of green around my flat are good enough and if I need a bit of sea, I can just go to the roof and get the glimpse of St. Paul’s island and the surrounding sea.

Time to dash, as the second meal- the fried fish after the mushroom soup is being served now- back to traditional Polish Wigilia with Maltese/Polish ingredients and moaning Englishman who is not fond of fish;)Happy times ahead;)


One thought on “Another Christmas in Malta

  1. Best vehicle for commuters in Malta is a scooter 🙂
    No traffic jams, no parking problems, short and predictable travelling times, cheap insurance, license running costs, usually enough storage space … and for the wet winter months get yourself a proper rain gear to protect your business outfit !
    Indeed the traffic here is awful, but due to the slow speed driving a scooter here is less dangerous than in many other European cities !
    Beginning with January you are even allowed to drive a 125cc motorcycle with your class B driving license (like in many other EU countries). That’s a long awaited measure from TM to reduce individual car traffic 🙂
    Due to this new law, the available variety of 125cc scooters and motorcycles in Malta increased a lot during the past few months.

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