First impressions of Florence

I arrived to Florence on Friday eve after short flight to Bologna and a bit longer and late coach ride. Finding the flat was super easy as my airbnb is located around 8 minutes away from main train station.  Really handy.  The airbnb host wasn’t there but her parents and her friend who is playing a role of receptionist greeted me.  The flat is a bit quirky, I know I chose it and it seems places like that appeal to me.  I’m chose a similar one in London.  Besides, the price was also pocket friendly and thanks to that I could stay 4 nights and visit everything in a more relaxed way, without hurry.  My room is a passing one which is quite amusing as the mother keeps passing and saying mi scusi everytime;) It’s a place where you have a bed and access to bathroom and kitchen.  Not luxurious but good enough for one person who comes here to sleep.  Besides me there are other people staying here which gives it a but if commune feeling.  The host’s friend aka receptionist is very friendly and patiently listens to my Italian with its mistakes.  He speaks very fast but I’m happy to say I understand most, it’s just still hard to speak, especially if we’re touching subject as art and architecture. I’m not sure my Italian vocabulary it’s up to standard in those particular subjects.
After settling in, I decided to fare una passegiata in the neighbourhood. I got two keys and wanted to try it out, to make sure they work and I know which lock they are for. And I tried the first key to the flat doors – it went in but did not open the door.  I got a bit panicky and tried several times, nothing. I thought great at least I have money but my passport is in the house.  After calming down I tried other lock and it worked.  I didn’t try it straightaway as I thought it’s not possible that the key fits to two locks but here it did.  Anyway, after that I went for a walk and enjoyed the atmosphere of balmy evening in Florence. In the end I decided to check out the restaurant recommended in my guide book and opted for Tuscan menu which was a very good choice. First dish was wild boar tagliatelle, quite tasty but not amazing but second one was delightful. The tripe alla Fiorentina. I know for some of you it might be disgusting but for me, it reminded me of a typical Polish soup – flaki, just spiced differently.  I finished my dinner with panna cota with forest fruits and espresso.  Not to mention the wine as well.  And it all came to 20 euros.  Not bad at all. 





I ended the evening with a pilot of artisan beer from BrewDog.  Bit pricey but worth it.



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