Lazy Gozo holidays

This year I’m spending most of my holidays in Malta instead of going for a while to Poland. And it is great to have afternoons off so I can go for a swim in just a few minutes. We went with my partner’s parents to Gozo and spent a nice relaxing week in Xlendi Bay. As it wasn’t their first time on the island we weren’t feeling obliged to go visiting and we just chilled in Xlendi. Of course, we went once to Victoria and Azzurro Window where the swimming conditions were excellent. Usually when I visit there, the sea is quite rough and I’m bit afraid to swim further than a Blue Hole. But this time, it was incredible and I swam for ages along with my snorkel. Actually, this holidays I forgot about my fears and tried diving again. Ok, so far I went just once but I’m really happy with the overall experience. Last dive was about 7 years ago in St. Marteen in the Caribbean and I remember I was quite afraid and clinging to my handsome Dutch instructor. This time instructor was English and I went along with 5 young Dutch guys;) We entered the Xlendi Bay, we swam through the tunnel – where I had a small panic attack – I have to admit, and then we proceed to observe many exciting fish like barracuda. It was a really good dive and it gave me a confidence that I can really do it and enjoy it. So I hope before the water gets too cold I’ll try to dive in Malta again this year. But coming back to holidays, the Gozo break was great. This time the accommodation was far from good but oh well, company matters and being close to the sea with a glass of wine handy. I caught up on my reading and I’m really tanned this year, like I was never before. I just wish the summer wouldn’t go away so quickly. Today it’s the 2nd time I wore jeans in the last few months which makes me think the school season is just around the corner… Coming too soon as always…


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