Update on my adventures 11

It has been long 2 months without any posts… I’m still out there, don’t worry and I hope during the summer months I will finally have more time to blog.
In a nutshell, what has happened in the last months :
1. School.  Exams.  Tiredness.  Too much work.  That could actually explain the silence over the last months.
2. June is the month when music exams start as well as ballet exams which means longer hours, more preparation and rehearsals plus some extra last minute people who realise their exam is soon and they need an accompanist and you have to squeeze them for rehearsal for example on Sunday morning. Yes, that’s happens very often, actually. And usually these are the people I know and worked before so it’s hard to say no.
This year ballet exams were quite late, almost clashing with voice exams which was quite difficult to survive.
3. After the school year I got involved in an opera project which was a continuation of our master-classes from last year. This time instead of 4 participants, we had 14 which is a great number but it also required much more work. I had the pleasure to work with talented singers not only form Malta but also Bulgaria and we presented all our work in 3 consecutive concerts, each with different repertoire. Being the only pianist there, it was a bit challenging-learning all the new material quickly on the spot and spending long hours rehearsing in the heat we had this July. But it all ended well and I am glad that I was part of it.

5. My last music engagements where with the international master-classes and competition. I was tutoring two young Chinese students and then on the competition day, I accompanied 4 young violinists during their competition performance. I have to admit one of the pieces was really challenging- an unknown to us Azerbaijan composer and it cost me a lot of nerves to go through it.

6. Now, I am finally enjoying some time off and it is incredible to have afternoons just for myself. For the last two days, I mostly spend it at home, catching up on sleep and books but from tomorrow I start proper holidays- short wedding break in Poland, then 2 more working days and of to Gozo to relax in the sun.


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