Sunday out-Medieval Mdina and Nutella festival

Last Sunday, even thought he weather in the morning wasn’t promising we ventured outside to check out the other festival I completely forgot to mention in my last post- Medieval Mdina. It has been organised annually and somehow we never had an occasion to check it out.
We decided to arrive around 12 pm in order to see the first battle renactment. There was some traffic on the way but slowly we managed to get there and thank to the size of my Smart, I found a spot to park just off the main gate-perfect:)
We got just in time to see the first battle and it was quite amusing to watch.
Then we walked round to check out all the stalls. There were two spots were falcons and owls were presented and you could touch them and make a photo.
IMG_20150419_123826a IMG_20150419_123721a IMG_20150419_123648a IMG_20150419_123542a IMG_20150419_121929a
There were plenty of people dressed in medieval clothes, showing typical day of that time- preparing some meals, practising archery-you could try it as well, making clothes from the wool, showing the typical armours of the times which were extremely heavy and etc…
There were also stalls with food and beverages and some small souvenirs to buy.
Overall, it was a great time out- watching the battles and learning some of the facts of medieval times, not only interesting for kids but adults as well.
IMG_20150419_145735a IMG_20150419_145607a IMG_20150419_145600a IMG_20150419_144954a
Then we went to Nutella festival but maybe it was because it was already in the late afternoon,there were only just few stalls with food there, nothing else. Actually it was a bit disappointing, as it  was super busy but really except of the food stalls with enormous queues , there was nothing interesting to see there. Besides that, we actually had some troubles locating where the festival is taking place and got lost once out of the car- typical. Somehow, every time we go to festival in Qormi, we can never figure out where we are, even the Google maps are not helpful enough in the narrow streets of Qormi;)
Anyway, it was great to be indoors and I actually got my first tan ( sunburn) of the year;)

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