Feeling the warmth, looking forward to festas and music concerts…


After snowy Easter and still windy and cool Malta, I was so looking froward to days when sun will be shinning and temperature will be in their twenties. seems trivial, but for me the weather really applies to my mood and the levels of energy I have, therefore I moved out of Dublin. so this weekend, the temperatures will be around 25 degrees. Finally. a great time to check out two festivals that will be taking places. Festa Frawli which is Strawberry festival in Mgarr on Sunday 19th April and Nutella Festival in Qormi during the weekend. I have been to strawberry festival before and it was a nice even, so i am probably this year going to combine a bit on strawberry festival and Nutella festival to get the taste of both. During both festas there will be live music, some dance performances, local food and for sure whole Malta will be there, so be aware that finding the parking spot will be a hassle. during the strawberry festival two years before , there were special car parks outside the village, on the field, so you had to walk a bit. I am not sure how it is organised in Qormi, although I remember that during their  wine festival, parking can be a problem as well.

regarding the concerts, today is international voice day,therefore there are master-classes and concerts organised in Johann Strauss school of music where I will be performing as well. Another event that I will be taking part in, is a bit different and I am happy to have a rest from regular classical music. It will be Musical Theatre concert in Sliema, where 4 talented Maltese signers will perform pieces from musicals.

Looking forward to it!


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