Update on my adventures 10

The weather was so gloomy and unpleasant lately that it really brought me back to the depressing weather in Ireland.  It’s seems that for the 3rd year in a row I got really sick in February which is the worst month in Malta in my opinion. Everybody around is sick, coughing and with running nose and I always end up sick as well.

But back to my adventures 😉
1. I managed to have a short weekend break in London. Jest for a day and a half but it was worth it. I visited the Harry Potter Studios which I’m a big fan and it was a great memorable experience. I also had a chance to visit few bookstores, also second-hand ones and came back home with few additions to my music library. As much as I like Malta I do miss the buzz of the big city. The fact that everyday you can go to some performance, buy whatever you want instead of ordering online and etc. I’m not sure if I’d wish to live in London, especially the prices are exuberant but visiting from time to time would great.
2. It seems I’m a regular performer along with my singer friend in Valletta’s St. Francis Oratory. We played there 3 times anyway and are going to have another concert in a two weeks time. Every time with different programme so it keeps me on my toes. Not only I learn new singing repertoire but also work on few piano solos.

3. Besides, I stared a new blog which is fully committed to restaurant reviews, not only in Malta, so no longer I will posting food related topics on this blog. If any of you is interested, you can find it here:


4. I guess I am not the only person who cannot wait until spring, so fingers crossed , the calendar spring is in a week and hopefully the weather will get better from there on…


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