Secret gardens of Floriana

One day during the holiday break we wandered a bit in Floriana, discovering the hidden gardens which this city has.The first two are close to the Malta Philharmonic residence near the Floriana cat cafe- the place where cats have their small house and feeding station.

Actually on the way to gardens, of course we met several of them as it was a nice sunny day in December. But even though we had some special cat treats in our pockets- awfully smelly dried fish, they were too shy to approach us.

IMG_20141228_124242a IMG_20141228_124253a IMG_20141228_124356a


Clearly the rat was not tasty enough for them….

The first gardens we went to are situated to the left of the botanical gardens. You follow the path down and you end up in a neglected orchard, then going few steps up you find yourself in forgotten gardens overlooking Floriana.

IMG_20141228_124629a IMG_20141228_124921a IMG_20141228_125613a IMG_20141228_125649aIMG_20141228_131606a

When we were there maybe we met 5 people in total and I am pretty sure that tourists do not go there as there are no signs one can follow, just the locals living in Floriana. It is a nice place to get away from all the buzz in Malta.

The next gardens we visited that day were the botanical gardens with all interesting plants growing there.

IMG_20141228_130823a IMG_20141228_130834a

They are definitely more known as we met a family playing football there as well as a middle-aged lady doing her walking fitness routine there. One can admire all different tropical plants there, some of them grown to quite an amazing shapes.

IMG_20141228_130846a IMG_20141228_130939a IMG_20141228_131008a IMG_20141228_131317a IMG_20141228_131326a IMG_20141228_131752a IMG_20141228_131817a


Then we headed to last smaller gardens which are overlooking Valletta waterfront and on the way we met even more cats unfortunately also quite scared when we approached them.

IMG_20141228_132409a IMG_20141228_132441a


The last green space is quite small but we thought it offers nice views and is probably a good spot to watch fireworks on New Year’ day. Unfortunately, it was cold and rainy this New Year and we abandoned the idea of going out at all…




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