another year passed in Malta

Another year in Malta has passed and next February it will be my 3rd year anniversary of living  in Malta. So far, so good. This year was very busy with plenty of work, concerts ,travels etc. I hope the next one will be as good or even better. I stopped some of the work in order to do more things which interest me- meaning more playing and learning new repertoire, learning a new language and maybe finally fitting in some fitness regime.I hope this time it won’t be wishful thinking;)

During this year I met some inspiring people who pushed me a bit further out of my comfort zone. Sometimes it is scary but usually it is always exciting. Also some close friends of mine have decided to open a new chapter in their life and have moved to Malta which makes me very happy and I hope they will find what they are looking for here, the same as I and my partner did.

We went to Sicily finally for longer this year and I already now that I will be going there back as there is so much to see and experience there.I am very glad we are so close to Italy and I will be finally able to visit it more, especially that I am now working on improving my Italian. Slowly, slowly, I will get there.

From the music point of view, I performed a lot this year. Actually since summer I had at least once concert a month, each with different program, with just few repeated pieces so it was quite challenging. My last concert was yesterday at my birthday with another exciting new repertoire. I also got more involved with opera – a lot of time was spent on Cosi fan tutte and now more on Don Giovanni. Unfortunately, even though I play a lot, it still seems that I would not be able to support myself from the music and therefore I am very grateful for having an office job to sustain me and help me focus on things I enjoy doing even though they do not seem to be profitable. But it is a subject fro a completely different post.

Overall, a pretty good year, lovely Christmas with friends and family and I am looking forward to 2015 to be even better.



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