Senglea-where the time stops

Senglea is the part of Malta that you usually pass by once going to the more prettier and popular Vittoriosa. This time we decided to actually stop on this peninsula and check it out for ourselves.




We parked in front of the gate of Senglea and started our walk through the town.One thing which struck you straight away is the silence and also only people we met there were, let’s just put it nicely, bit older than in other places. There is a feeling that time stopped there.On side one can see Marsa with its docks, opposite there is Valletta waterfront and then on  the promenade you can admire beautiful Vittoriosa. This place is like a forgotten land perched on the side of more glamorous and prettier Vittoriosa.

We went all the way to small garden where there is the tower– The Gardjola with sculpted  eye and ear, in a way listening and looking if any enemies are approaching Malta.

The Gardjola

The Gardjola

From there you can admire amazing views of the neighbouring cities.


Valletta waterfront


Valletta’s Barrakka gardens and not only


Vittoriosa posh yachts

Then we walk on the promenade where at some there was a Maritme festival which left some of the benches with saying in English and Maltese about the sea and sailors.

On the way to Vittoriosa we could see how much restoration went there. Now there is a bridge joining these two cities and it starts to look like even Sengela from the side of Vittroiosa is starting to look better and better.






This is the part of Malta that we do not visit often and we should as it is the place where it all started and now is going back again to its glory.I just wish there would be a better access to three cities as sat the moment there is only one road leading from Marsa junction if I am not mistaken and cannot imagine how getting back and for looks like in rush hour.




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