Il- Kantilena and GO Teatru Unplugged 17 – 2 different December shows in Malta

Recently on 2 Saturdays evenings I went to Manoel theatre to see two completely different shows. First one was Il-Kantilena composed by Reuben Pace to an oldest Maltese poem by Pietru Caxaro. I was looking forward to seeing it as one of my students was an understudy of one of the signers. therefore, during our lessons , we were practising the part and once we even went to Reuben Pace to play it in front of him. Studying this particular piece just from the voice point of view can be quite hard as it is a contemporary piece and singers need have an excellent ear to find their notes and sing them in tune, sometimes against the harmony of the other instruments. The whole performance consisted of 4 signers, small musical ensemble, group of dancers and in the background there was a video as well.  The latter I am not sure I understood all the way. I couldn’t really understand how the stuff shown on the video fitted with the rest But maybe it is because I do not speak Maltese, not to mention the old Maltese that even nowadays people have troubles understanding and couldn’t hear the nuances of the poem that were reflected in the idea? I really enjoyed the dancing though, I think the group was fabulous. Especially one girl, the tallest from them. I couldn’t let my eyes off her. The singers and musicians did also a great job. The music sounded much better than just a solo voice out of the context;)

The other concert was just yesterday. I am finally bringing the blog up to date:) it was Go Teatru unplugged 17. When I was buying tickets few weeks ago, they were almost sold out, therefore we ended up sitting on the very end of the gallery and the place wasn’t the best but for a tenner you cannot complain. The show was quite eclectic and ranging in styles and quality I have to say. Some of the performers were more suited to play in a small bar or club but not really had what it takes to perform on a big stage. I really enjoyed the violinist although i am not sure as a first performer she didn’t have an advantage of a focused audience- some people were still finding there seats and talking. I also had fun listening to the last band- Gianni and friends but again I felt that they would be more suitable in different environment-big concert hall or a club not baroque theatre but maybe I am wrong. the other performer were ok but somehow I couldn’t really understand their English as I think the balance of voices and instruments wasn’t good enough and it wasn’t possible to even have a clue about what they were signing.

Overall, 2 good shows and I hope to catch more during the festive season as I will have more time. I would like to to attend The Collegium Musicum Choir and Orchestra on  9th December 2014 at 19.30 hrs in the St. John’s Co-Cathedral but unfortunately I have a Christmas party to attend but I believe it would be a magical event,e specially due to the setting.


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