Eolian islands-peaceful days

We spent 3 peaceful days in the Eolian Islands. We booked our stay on the main island because we planned to take some trips to other ones. In the end we chose just one boat trip and spend the rest of the time enjoying Lipari’s easy going life. It seems , longer we are on holidays we skip visiting and ticking all the places from the guide book and choose to simply get carried away with the life in each place. To live each moment as it is. Simply carpe diem:) I have already came to terms that we won’t visit everything we wanted due to many circumstances. And that’s good, as these are the holidays and I want to feel refreshed after, not knackered .
But coming back to the islands, we visited the archaeological museum which was quite nice, especially the 2nd building had a lot of interesting exhibits depicting the Greek comedy and tragedy masks.





In the afternoon we went for a walk on the northern side of the island and admired the beautiful views of the most greenest of the islands- Salina.





Stromboli in the far background

For dinner we tried the local type of bruschetta- at the moment I forgot the proper name but it was like a big piece of bread with different topping on it.

IMG_20140929_132114 IMG_20140929_132119

The following day we decided to take a boat tour to Panarea and Stromboli.

the spot where we had a swim- even though there were few jellyfish on the surface

the spot where we had a swim- even though there were few jellyfish on the surface

On the way to Panarea we stopped for a while to have a dip in the clear sea. Panarea is the most posh island in the archipelago. There are no cars allowed, only golf carts. The island is full of expensive and beatiful hotels and restaurants. Ideal honeymoon destination.


Afterwards, we sailed to Stromboli towards the volcano and black sandy beach.


small islands on the way to Stromboli

Stromboli- close up

Stromboli- close up

they take the tsunami warning quite seriosuly

they take the tsunami warning quite seriously

IMG_20140930_171903 IMG_20140930_172540

black sandy beach

black sandy beach



the erupting volcano

the erupting volcano


The view of erupting volcano will stay with me forever. No pictures can describe how amazing it can be. Not only the view of the hot, red stones dropping down but also the incredible sound of them falling down. we had a chance to witness it while on the boat just below and it was unforgettable 20 minutes.

The sail back to Lipari was more than an hour and we on the way we could admire the starry sky, not spoilt by any lights. the temperature dropped and the upper deck was bit chilly so we really looked forward to getting home and warming up.

It left us with half a day in Lipari where we just lazed around and then headed to Millazzo on the hydrofoil and towards the interior of Sicily and closer to Etna.


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