On the way to Cefalu – visiting Segesta and Monreale



After leaving Erice early in the morning we chose wisely and took much safer although still pretty windy road to Segesta where we wanted to see an unfinished temple and Greek amphitheatre.

I didn’t remember an advice that I have read in the guide book. If you want to see the amphitheatre be prepared to walk uphill for 1.5km or take a bus which goes there every half an hour. I am not a hiker, by no means, so you can imagine how I felt and looked like half way… It was hot, uphill and I even forgot to take water from the car… Grr. The views were amazing and it was interesting to see the Greek amphitheatre but I’m not sure that if I knew where we are going, I might have decided to check out just the temple below.



The way back was much easier and we rewarded ourselves with lunch. Unfortunately some crazy wasps literally attacked my sandwich so I ended eating a tiny bit of it and sharing my ham with the stray cat. Then we proceed to the unfinished temple and from there we could see our hill with amphitheatre. Let’s face it, if I would have seen it first, I wouldn’t decide to climb it at all:)

After we drove to Monreale. We arrived at the siesta time so both cathedral and cloisters were closed so we had a small lunch while waiting for the opening. I heard from my friends that this was a must see spot in Sicily and I have to admit they were right.







All the decoration in this cathedral is made from mosaic, even though sometimes it’s hard to believe it without using the binoculars.
And in the cloisters each column has different mosaic.













IMG_20140926_152750 IMG_20140926_152755 IMG_20140926_152800 IMG_20140926_152809



IMG_20140926_152907 IMG_20140926_152946 IMG_20140926_152955

After all this culture, it was a time for a serious beach time and dolce far niente- off to Cefalu!


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