Lord Chambray- new artisan brewery in Gozo

In the last days of July, new brewery has opened in Gozo- Lord Chambray. So far it is offering 3 different types of beer but the owner revealed that at the end of the year he will introduce one more.

IMG_20140828_174404a IMG_20140828_174355a IMG_20140828_174413a

We had a small tasting of each beer and explanation of different ingredients added to  to make them even more distinctive. So far Blue Lagoon and Golden Bay are my favourites. The owner gave us a tour of the brewery which is located in one room and so far it is operated by four people only.

here bottles lie for 10 days to be mature enough

here bottles lie for 10 days to be mature enough

IMG_20140828_174329a IMG_20140828_174027a

making of the labels

making of the labels

The brewery invested a lot in advertisement as his beers are also available on the Gozo ferry and several restaurants in Gozo. Starting from this week also Maltese will be able to purchase them in some restaurants and some of the supermarkets like Scott’s. Just bear in mind, these are artisan beers made from the best quality products and most of the work around them is done manually , therefore they are not cheap. If I am not mistaken the price of the small 330 ml bottle ranges from 3-4 EUR in the supermarket.

IMG_20140828_172631a IMG_20140828_172606a IMG_20140828_172800a IMG_20140828_172854a IMG_20140828_172859a



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