Gozo break

I am currently enjoying my holidays in Gozo. We rented a beautiful flat with a big terrace and great sea and countryside views in Zebbug. It is that good that almost make you not leave the flat at all, as the view and ambiance is amazing. I just wished there would be a swimming pool on the roof. Last night we watched the sunset again and we were amazed how fast it gets dark here. Then the stars showed up and you could clearly see plenty of different constellations. We spotted the Big and Small plough easily, even though astronomy is not our area of expertise.

On our first day we just chilled in the flat gazing at countryside views in the sunset and then into the stars. The next day we went to Dwejra were we swam in the blue whole not far from the Azzure Window. This time I was smarter and took my reef shoes so the walk to the actual spot from where you can enter the water wasn’t as uncomfortable as last time when we went there. It is pretty amazing spot as you literally jump into very deep water and there is an under sea passage or tunnel and you can sea sun rays coming from the other side. Quite amazing. Not to mention there were a lot of fish munching on the rocks. This spot is not for real swimming, more for snorkeling or diving. We saw a group of divers going deeper and deeper and then disappearing into the darkness of the sea. After the swim we headed back home to try the BBQ on the terrace which was delicious and send us straight to siesta afterwards. Oww, the charms of being on holidays and doing whatever you want. Sleeping in the middle of the day, why not…
Afterwards, we headed to Xlendi to swim bit more but on the way we stopped at the new Gozitan brewery- Lord Chambray. It is situated in Xwejni but not easy to spot when you are coming from Victoria as the sign is situated on the other side of the road. The post about the beers and brewery will follow as I took a lot of photos and heard the interesting story of this new brewery which was just opened on 28th July this year. We also got 2 boxes of their beers to enjoy at our leisure when we are back in Malta.
Xlendi was great as always. Firstly, ice -creams in Gelato Granola, then sunset swim in the bay.
Now, it is our 2nd morning here and we are looking forward to going to Ramla Bay and then in the evening to Delicata wine festival in Nadur.


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